We are the Friends of the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail

The Friends of the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail send you the warmest wishes of the season.  May you, your family and your friends enjoy good health and happy times throughout the New Year.

Please watch for Spring events on the LVRT and if you are a snowmobiler, cross-country skier or winter trail walker it looks like another banner season for being on the trail in whatever form you choose.  Enjoy and help us continue the support of communities and the trail you have come to expect from the Friends.

The Board of Directors of the FLVRT

FLVRT's mission is to support the development, maintenance, and promotion of the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail (LVRT) as a scenic year-round multi-use recreation and transportation corridor; and especially to represent the interests of non-motorized trail users.

To accomplish this mission the FLVRT
1. works with communities in the vicinity of the LVRT to promote businesses, activities and amenities that attract locals and visitors alike and thereby contributing to the economic growth of the region;
2. consults with communities on Trailhead development to supply important information and amenities to trail users;
3. supports the development of trail and off-trail amenities that are necessary to the enjoyment of the LVRT and the safety of trail users such as benches, access to businesses, interpretive signage for information, education and enjoyment, etc.
4. promotes the LVRT, its surrounding communities and businesses through its web site, advertising and promotions;
5. organizes and supports Trail Crews to keep the LVRT safe and beautiful during non-snowmobile months (April 15 - December 15);
6. Is aligned with Local Motion and looks forward to working with other trail/recreation organizations to develop the necessary connected infrastructure for the use of non-motorized users for local and long distance non-motorized travel, recreation and commuting. (This initiative will attract organizations and businesses that specialize in non-motorized tours ie, Vermont Bicycle Tours and walking tour companies.)

The FLVRT works closely with VAST and the LVRT Committee for all initiatives and supports the raising of funds for the completion of the LVRT.

The FLVRT is an active participant in the development of the LVRT with representatives on the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail Committee.