Trail Crew Volunteers

Please note that the following volunteer positions are for spring, summer and fall.

VAST maintains the trail during the winter.


Trail Crew Chiefs

Trail Crew Chiefs are key volunteers who, with the help of a team, take on a section of the LVRT to maintain.  They recruit Trail Monitors and Worker Bees who report issues to the Trail Chiefs. The Trail Chiefs organize regularly scheduled work days when volunteers tackle a particular project or projects such as clearing brush, trash pick-up, culvert cleaning or general light maintenance of the trail.  Trail Chiefs should have the ability and time to review the trail on a regular basis.



Monitors are the "eyes and ears" on the LVRT.  They are counted on to report to the Trail Chiefs any work or improvements needed on the trail such as culvert cleaning or trees down on the trail. Many jobs need special equipment and will be reported to the LVRT Trail Maintenance Supervisor.  Smaller jobs can be performed by volunteers.  Monitors often live near the trail, use it regularly and may sign up for defined mile(s) of the trail or a specific trailhead.


Worker Bees  

Worker Bees are the heart of the Trail Crew volunteer system.  They are individuals who, when using the trail, carry a plastic bag and pick up trash and who form the core of the work crews on seasonal maintenance work days.  Also they report any problems they see to the Monitors or Trail Chiefs.