Off Trail Volunteers

The Friends of the LVRT has many fun and interesting opportunities to help support the Rail Trail.  The LVRT contributes to the economic growth of the villages and towns along its route and this trend will only increase as the trail attracts more and more users.  There are many "behind the scenes" roles that are very important to support our work as Friends of the LVRT. 


Board Member

Ours is a working board where policy decisions are made, budgets prepared, projects planned and where individuals may take on an issue or project of interest.  Board members recruit committee members for specific projects, research, report and bring projects to completion.  

Project Manager

Aside from board members, individuals may take on a project to head up.  Often these projects are of short duration, (for example, a few weeks or months), and can be administered from home.  Others may require some local travel for meetings and a longer time-frame. Some examples of our projects are:

  • Working with communities to share trailhead design ideas - these projects usually are comprised of one or two informational meetings with the public and/or Select Boards.  PowerPoint presentations are generally prepared for these meetings.
  • Interpretive sign development - these projects usually involve a commitment of several months and the project manager will work with the LVRT and content specialists such as local historical societies, natural history experts etc.
  • Special event organizer - special events can include our FLVRT Annual Meeting, collaborations with other organizations and fundraising events.

General Volunteer

There are many opportunities to volunteer a few hours of your time at events or on a special project. Many people volunteers in more than one capacity such as helping with the FLVRT Annual Meeting or as a Worker Bee on the trail.