Welcome to  Friends of the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail

FLVRT was chartered and incorporated as a 501c3 in the summer of 2006 with the vision of promoting the trail as a transportation corridor and recreational path for non-motorized users. Our goal is to increase awareness of the trail’s recreational and economic importance to Vermont, and to assist in, or assist in the recruitment for, the hands-on work of trail maintenance. We strive for a trail that is endorsed by adjacent landowners and municipalities, and is safe, accessible, and with sufficient amenities, for all users. The FLVRT is an active participant in the development of the LVRT with representatives on the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail Committee.

Our mission is to support the development, maintenance, and promotion of the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail as a public resource offering a tranquil and scenic year-round multi-use recreation and transportation corridor; and especially to represent the interests of non-motorized trail users.

 “I recently pedaled the trail from Jeffersonville to just above Johnson and back. The condition of the trail was excellent. There were two groups working on it. When the LV trail is complete it should be a draw to anyone who desires a great ride and view of my home state. I will be visiting in the fall and will pedal it again. Keep up the effort. It shows!”   Jeffrey Harvey, Ocala, FL

Request for Funding Application

Part of the mission of the Friends is to support organized groups who have projects that involve 1) the Trailheads (signage, construction, promotion, etc. or 2) maintenance(which need LVRTapproval). Because we believe in community partnerships, and have limited funds, we ask that your project has demonstrated funding and support from your local community, whether it be the municipality, Chamber of Commerce or similar.  Please allow at least 30-45 days for a decision on financing approval.
Click here to download the Request for Funding Application (pdf).